Jutong Modern outdoor wireless LED

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Solar Panel: 18V 60W

LifePO4 Battery: 11.1V/50Ah

LED Lamp: 12V 20W

Mounting Height: 4-5M

Space Between Light: 15-20M

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Solar Garden Lighting System is powered by solar energy directly, which is totally environment-friendly and energy-saving, no need for wiring and no need to pay for utility bills. The controlling modes of our system are intelligent, self-adjustable power output or double outputs. With the use of LED, Electrodeless Discharging Lamp or Energy-saving Lamp in the system, it is economical, energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and longeval.

They are easy to install and mostly just place and play. Almost all can be set up by your own.

They are isolated system with no external electrical connection needed.

No ELECTRICAL Bill to worry about.

When main power fails, your Solar LED lighting will keep working for you.

Technical Parameters

Solar Panel: 18V 60W Solar Panel: 18V 80W
LifePO4 Battery: 11.1V/50Ah LifePO4 Battery: 11.1V/60Ah
LED Lamp: 12V 20W LED Lamp: 12V 30W
Mounting Height: 4-5M Mounting Height: 5-6M
Space Between Light: 15-20M Space Between Light: 15-20M
Product Size: 510*220*100mm Product Size: 510*220*100mm
N. W: 4.5kg N. W: 5.1kg

Product Description

1. From 20W to 200W, Monocrystalline.

2. Fully integrated solar streetlight system. It comprises a PV solar panel, solar charge controller and LiFEPO4 battery combined with high-output LEDs and human infrared sensor. Long Lifespan, Minimal Maintenance and Easy Installation. Fits on any pole or wall.

3. LiFePO4 battery 24-100AH, with battey box to withstand the high temperature and more waterproof, maintenance free.

3.Switch easily among three working modes by remote control:time control mode,sensor control mode and mixed mode, choose the mode as you like.

4. What you need to do when you receive them is to put them on the pole or wall, only need 2-3 workers, life time reaches to 5-8 years, installation and maintainance costs reduced by 40%.


Charging time: 8 hours      IP rating: IP65   Voltage: 12/24V    Usage: Garden, Street

Illumination Time: 12 hours    Certification: CE, RoHS     Material: Aluminum+PC

Height of the pole: 2-5 meters

Lamp: LED, Electrodeless Discharging Lamp or Energy-saving Lamp

Controller: 12V, intelligent + self-adjustable power output or Double outputs.

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