60W 80W 120W IP65 light weight

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Using battery half-cutting technology, the product has higher output power, effectively reducing the cost of a single-watt system; the product has excellent performance in terms of occlusion loss and temperature coefficient, and the battery half-cutting technology effectively reduces the hot spot risk of high-power components in system applications Shows better power generation performance and reliability.

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To produce a monocrystalline silicon cells, absolutely pure semiconduction material is necessary. Monocrystalline rods are extracted from melted silicon and then sawed into thin plates.This production process guarantees a relatively high level of efficiency silicon and makes monocrystalline panels one of the most efficient, producing smaller solar cells, and therefore smaller panels. Monocrystalline works very well in bright cool conditions.


Peak Power(PMP) 100W 160W 200W 260W 320W
Tolerance ± 3%
Maximum power current(IMP) 5.55A 8.33A 5.56A 8.34A 8.34A
Maximum power voltage(VMP) 18V 18V 36V 30V 36V
Short-Circuit Current(ISC) 5.89A 8.83A 5.89A 8.83A 8.83A
Open-Circuit Voltage(VOC) 21.6V 21.6V 43.2V 36V 43.2V
Maximum System Voltage 1000VDC
F.F 73%
Module eff. 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
 All technical data at standard test condition:AM=1.5, E=1000W/m², Tc=25℃

Technical Parameters

Type of battery poly
Number of cells 144(6×24)
Maximum power 350W
Highest efficiency 17.4%
Junction Box IP68
Maximum system voltage 1000V/1500V DC(IEC)
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃

Quality Controlling

A. Before production
-Control   of raw material before use
-Data   recording of raw material→products traceability

B. During production
-Control   at each step of production
-Validation   of each step by quality controllers

C. After production
-Systematic   flash test on each PV modules
-Quality   control with IEC compliance
-Tests   in our facility testing
-Optional: Third party inspection   before shipment if needing.


Electrical Parameters AT STC

Electrical Parameters AT STC

Product Feature

Higher output power

Lower temperature coefficient

Less shading effect

Better mechanical loading tolerance

Production Process


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